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Real Estate Investment Council (REIC) is a dynamic organization in Tampa Bay that brings together a diverse group of professionals passionate about commercial real estate. Our mission is to keep our members informed with the latest business and financial news impacting the industry, foster a collaborative environment for the exchange of ideas, and provide excellent opportunities for networking and building new business connections. Discover how REIC can help you stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of commercial real estate. Read more.

If you have any problems registering for events or JOINING, please contact Jade Gooding, Association Manager, at 813-517-4587 or [email protected].   Members, view our ONLINE membership directory and search for other members by name, company and MORE.

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Benefits of Membership

Become a member of REIC Tampa Bay and unlock a world of opportunities! Network with fellow commercial real estate professionals, stay updated with the latest industry news, and access a wealth of resources to help you thrive. Our membership dues are $125 for Young Professionals (under 35 years old), $275 for individuals and $650 for companies (includes up to 4 representatives, with only $100 for each additional member). Enjoy all the benefits of membership for a full year from the date of your application. Join us and elevate your professional journey!

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Young Professionals Group

The Real Estate Investment Council (REIC) has made a concerted effort over the past 12 years of cultivating our Young Professional members, those specifically under the age of 35. This exclusive group grants unmatched access to high-profile industry leaders, offering young professionals exceptional networking and mentorship opportunities to fast-track their careers. Join us and connect with the top talent in the industry!

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